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Shandong Yuxin Import and Export Co.,Ltd
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           Shandong Yuxin Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd., with registered capital of 10 million yuan, is located in 403 Jibei Building, No. 17 Huanghe Street, Jibei Development Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province. The operation team is located in the entrepreneurship base of young entrepreneurs on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, No. 17 Huanghe Street, Jibei Development Zone, with office area of more than 2200 square meters. Shandong Yuxin Imp Wholesale and retail: food machinery, kitchen utensils, building decorative materials, textiles, clothing, handicraft products, rubber products, hardware power delivery, computer and peripheral equipment, computer consumables, non-exclusive communication equipment, household appliances, cultural and sports goods, office supplies, office equipment, furniture, daily department stores Auto parts, cosmetics, steel, leather and products, chemical products (excluding dangerous chemicals); transportation information services; rental services of construction machinery and equipment; real estate development and sales. (Projects that must be approved according to law and approved by relevant departments can only be carried out business activities); Shandong Yuxin Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. has a national alliance of manufacturers to carry out professional product research and development, product manufacturing, product sales and other comprehensive business.